What is the best food to eat in New York City?

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There are many amazing things to eat in New York City. All I can offer you is my list of go-to places that I frequent when certain cravings erupt inside of me.

The East Village holds many great spots, specifically. If you're looking for specialty mac and cheese, then you'll have to go to S'mac. If it's a completely original chicken pad thai you're looking for, you'll find that at none other than Lovely Day (which is closer to Soho, to be technical). Tribeca holds the greatest filet mignon, in my opinion, at Dylan Prime. Though, there is a vastly close second at both locations of The Smith. The very best bruschetta in all of New York City exists at Bite (there are two locations: one in Soho and one in Union Square). There is a cold curried chicken sandwich (make sure to get it on white bread, it's just better, trust me) that is so cravable, even to those who would never touch any sort of curry, located at Tea and Sympathy, which is a British spot in the West Village.

In most tourist guides, the Seinfeld diner is listed as an attraction - but a way cooler experience would be checking out The Original Soupman. You know, from the Soup Nazi episode. His lobster bisque absolutely is a kind of soup that makes your knees weak. if it's pizza you're looking for, well, that is the one thing a lot of New York simply can't agree on. I can only offer my strong support for Angelo's Pizzaria. There are few locations around the city, but if you have a soft spot in your heart for extra-thick cut pepperoni on a non-floppy slice of pizza, then you shall agree with me that Angelo's is king.

Now comes the hard part: Italian food. There are dozens of amazing Italian places to eat in New York City. For a meaty fettuccine, I would only go to Max (it has two locations: one in the East Village and one in Tribeca). If you wish that you had tons of different types of lasagna to choose from, then you'll need to go to Tommy Lasagna in Union Square.

When it comes to Mexican fare, I'll admit that I really don't care for the fancier, high-end Mexican restaurants. All I need are some hard tacos from San Loco and I'm set. But if you are into the more upscale Mexican cuisine, then Dos Caminos probably has what you're after. I will admit that they have the very tastiest guacamole in the city. If you're looking for Indian food along 6th street, you won't be disappointed at Spice Cove.

There are so many amazing places to eat in this fine city. One helpful tip would be to check out the menu online of any place that you're thinking about visiting and also taking a glance at some Yelp reviews. The most fun part about going out in this city is coming up with your own best of list. So go out and eat!

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